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Spray equipment types and characteristics

Spray equipment type
1. There are three kinds of materials from the spraying materials: hardware spraying equipment, plastic spraying equipment, wood spraying equipment.
2, from the automatic degree is divided into: manual spraying equipment and automatic spraying equipment
3, from the sprayed oil is divided into: paint spraying equipment powder spraying equipment
Spraying equipment has the following characteristics:
1. Satisfactory construction efficiency; spraying efficiency is above 300m2/h, which greatly saves manpower and man-hours.
2. Save on coatings; especially for high-viscosity anti-corrosion coatings, air-spraying removes paint as air bounces off the workpiece surface, reducing paint utilization. The airless spray can obtain a uniform coating, the rebound is smaller than the air spray, the effective utilization rate of the paint is high, and the relative air spray method can save the paint by 10-30%.
3. Improve adhesion and extend coating life; high-pressure airless spraying uses high-pressure jet atomization to obtain strong kinetic energy of paint particles, and the paint particles can be used to illuminate the gaps of the workpiece, thus making the coating more dense and the workpiece The mechanical bite force is enhanced, the adhesion is improved, and the coating life is effectively extended.
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