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Industry development of spraying equipment

Currently in the stage of learning to absorb foreign technology, and the entire industry equipment belongs to three no products (no industry standards, no national standards, no market access standards). The main problem involved is that the design structure is unreasonable and the technology content is not high.
Unreasonable structure:
1. The air volume design of the air supply system and the exhaust system is unreasonable.
2, the workmanship is rough, the fine parts work poorly or even not done.
3. Designed not based on spray materials and coatings.
4, spraying equipment manufacturers are mixed. Each is in the array.
The embodiment of low technology:
1, the degree of automation is not high
2, the equipment is dull, can not be used flexibly
3. There is no designed exhaust gas wastewater treatment project
4. The selection of fireproof materials is poor, and there are potential safety hazards.
5, the overall operation of the equipment is easy to issue.
6, difficult to replace and maintain is not convenient
Spraying equipment generally includes
1. Air compressor (air compressor) 2. Air pipe 3, joint 4, valve 5, triple piece 6, air motor 7, pneumatic mixer 8, pneumatic diaphragm pump 9, airless spray 10, spray gun 11, silencer 12, Pressure bucket 13, where
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