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Parallel exposure machine works

The parallel exposure machine is a new lithography technology developed from the basics of scanning electron microscopy in the early 1960s. It was widely used in the manufacture of semiconductor circuit boards after the 1970s. The exposure machine, that is, the electronic string exposure machine, is a complex semiconductor processing equipment that integrates electro-optical, mechanical, vacuum, electrical, and computer technologies.

Basic working principle of parallel exposure machine:

Under the control of a computer, an organic polymer (commonly referred to as an electronic resist or photoresist) is exposed by a focused electron beam, and the physicochemical properties of the photoresist irradiated by the electron beam change. Forming a well-soluble or non-soluble region in a certain solvent to form a fine pattern on the resist. According to the thickness of the circuit board, the exposure energy of the upper and lower light sources is determined. If the energy is insufficient, the circuit board cannot be exposed. If the energy is too high, the circuit board will be overexposed. Therefore, when exposing the circuit board, the energy required by the circuit board must be tested first. Thereby the exposure production of the board is performed.

The advantages of LED parallel exposure machine:

1, uniformity of 90% or more.

2. The resolution of the board can reach 50μm.

3, energy saving 80%, no need to replace the lamp within four years, no cooling water consumption.

4. A compact optical combination that causes the parallel angle of the light source to be projected to be less than 2°.

5. The exposure area is: 1000 mm × 750 mm / 1300 mm × 750 mm / 1500 mm × 750 mm.

6, the vacuum cover automatically rises to avoid the heavy physical labor of the employees.

7. The LED point-by-point correction system monitors the intensity status of each lighting unit in real time.

8, super high energy, can effectively replace the 8KW/10KW12KW traditional mercury lamp soldering exposure machine, the exposure time is 20 seconds.

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