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What is a CNC grinding machine?

CNC vertical multi-station grinder (also known as single-stroke honing machine) is widely used in high-efficiency automation equipment for inner hole finishing. It has the advantages of simple operation, multi-station processing, high processing precision, time saving and labor saving. It is especially suitable for the finishing of through-holes and blind holes of various valves in the hydraulic and pneumatic industry, and is especially suitable for mass production.
The four-station CNC vertical grinding machine integrates extrusion and grinding. It adopts electroplated diamond grinding tools to ensure the geometric accuracy, dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of the machined holes. Each grinding tool with increasing tolerances is processed. The hole is only polished once per stroke, and the preset margin is gradually removed until the rotary table transfers the workpiece to the last station to complete the entire finishing process.

The four-station CNC vertical grinding machine consists of a main engine, a hydraulic control system, an electric control system, a lubrication control system, and a cooling control system. The hydraulic system adopts proportional pressure regulation and proportional speed regulation to ensure the system energy saving; the electronic control system adopts Mitsubishi series industrial control components, human-machine interface touch screen input and display, frequency conversion motor speed regulation; full intelligent automatic control and input and output display system for operation Great convenience. 

For workpieces with small grinding allowance, three grinding and one deburring method can be used, that is, the last three stations are clamped with the grinding rod, and the last station is equipped with a deburring brush with abrasive grains; The large hole can be used for four times of grinding, that is, four stations are equipped with grinding rods.
After the CNC vertical multi-station grinder is equipped with the boring hinge spindle, the workpiece bracket and the necessary transmission control device, it can be used as a numerical control vertical multi-station boring machine, which increases the semi-finishing of the inner hole of the workpiece. The four-station CNC vertical boring and grinding machine integrates boring, reaming, cold extrusion and grinding into one, and completes the whole process of semi-finishing to finishing in the inner hole of the workpiece in one working cycle, semi-finishing allowance Up to 1.0mm, the semi-finished inner hole reaches the ideal state after three times of grinding and one deburring flushing, dimensional accuracy and geometric accuracy. . The tool used for semi-finishing is a rigid boring reamer, a rigid shackle fixed guide, and an internal cooling method. It can be finished in one time with a large margin. The surface roughness of the inner hole after the rigid boring (the contour arithmetic mean Deviation) Ra: ≤0.8um, roundness: ≤0.005mm
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